Monday Musings

I hope you all caught some glimpse of the eclipse today.  We watched the beginning together as a family.  Wallace knows the difference between the sun and the moon, so it was really interesting watching him try to grasp the concept of the eclipse.  Nature has an incredible ability to bring us together and this morning, it seemed like all of the madness was one hold.  Imagine if we all appreciated the sunsets in the same way, we would have so much peace on the planet if we celebrated the ordinary daily.  This is something we shoot for in our home, appreciating the little things.  Here are some links to keep you inspired this week.


A great read on authentic followers and a company that connects influencers 


How am I just hearing about this now? 

Another example of the importance of women's health coverage 

After many recommendations, I am finally reading this 

We are potty training and this is just amazing 

One way to guarantee companies care about sustainability 

 National Geographic 

National Geographic 


Have a great week!