Monday Musings | sept 11

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  We really lived it up with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, some fun work, a meet-up with my amazing mama group and some real quality time with my family.  I hope everyone is safe on the East Coast and can't wait until we are finished with hurricane season.   This year has been a doozy as far as weather is concerned.  Here are this week's musings.

jamie arrigo photography

You guys, a butter subscription!!! 

The BEST Fashion Week Review.  LOL's 

This is the newest from Neva Opet and the side pocket makes all of the difference!  

An interesting read about mindfulness and emotional intelligence 

A TED talk that we can all learn from 

The perfect pajamas that we all need this winter.  

Another example of why we should all be using CBD oil in the home.  

I cannot wait for this cookbook's release!  

The perfect bud vase 

Halloween Inspiration