Monday Musings September | 25

Today marks the first day that I have turned the heat on this year and I am over the moon about the change of seasons.  Okay, Los Angeles doesn't have proper seasons but more than anything, I am excited to say farewell to the 100 degree heat and any potential opportunities to wear shorts.  I stocked up on flawed Jessie Kamm pants over the weekend and am so ready for the fall.  We are also getting ready to head to the desert for a few days and Friday cannot come quick enough.  Here are a few links to keep you inspired this week.

 Photo courtesy of  Poppy and Someday

Photo courtesy of Poppy and Someday

The Daily Splice is sheer brilliance 

Hello East Side Los Angeles, order this locally grown farm box

I am going to this pinch pot party to celebrate the Harvest Moon 

The exact reason it's important to have happy friends 

A backyard sustainable food forest 

I am making elderberry syrup this week 

Another sustainable period solution  

I picked up a badly ripped pair of these (for super cheap) at a sample sale this weekend and can't wait to get them back all patched up 

How companies are being sustainable with their scraps 

Eco-Friendly Glamping in the Alps looks has just been added to my bucket list 

I am in the market for a new cocktail shaker and I think this is the one 

Harajuku girls/guys are still cute and I am happy they are popping up again 

I hope everyone has a beautiful week!