Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Dana Point.  Although there was not much swimming because of shark sightings (yikes), getting away for three days was the best way to kick off summer.  Things can get a little wild with several families, 6 grandchildren under one roof but I am grateful that I really enjoy my in-laws.  We stayed at this amazing Airbnb, which I have linked after the images.  If you're looking for a huge space to house lots of people, this place was ideals.  Here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend.  

Here is the link to our vacation rental.  I hope everyone has an amazing summer and gets to enjoy lots of time vacationing with your families.    

The Joshua Tree House

A year ago Northfig, the photography company that I started with my friend Lauren, booked a wedding in Joshua Tree.  To make the business trip more enjoyable, we decided to make a weekend of it and booked a rad little Airbnb for both of our families.  We quickly fell in love with The Joshua Tree House and every thoughtful detail inside.  It was a quick trip but we did managed to cook exactly one meal in the adorable pale pink kitchen.  We also took full advantage of the jacuzzi and enjoyed drinking bubbly under the desert sky.  There was a meteor shower this weekend so we caught a few shooting stars which reminded me of nights spent stargazing with my mother when I was a child.  I have to remember to get out of the Los Angeles more for the sole purpose of seeing the stars and taking advantage of the different land scape that is in such close proximity.  During the day, I loved watching the boys explore the grounds and dig in the dirt while rock collecting.  Lauren's son Silas is super into rocks so he was in full-on rock gathering mode and took pride in showing Wallace what he found.  Wallace was mostly into sliding down a dirt slide and running around playing "chase me."  I am still picking cactus spines out of his little leg from where he took a tumble (this happened on Bryan's watch).  Cue wife nagging voice.  

Shooting weddings is always such a blast but when we get to travel AND bring our families, well that's just the best.  Here are some snapshots form our trip.