Uniform | corduroy jumpsuits

Two resolutions for 2018: Only purchase ethically-made goods, and make sure some of those goods are matching outfits for me and Wallace.  While I try to make intentional purchases most times, I do have impulsive moments of mindless spending which leads drawers filled with fast fashion or throwaway clothing.  With toddlers, it seems silly to spend more on items of clothing that will be worn for a brief period of time but often the USA made goods last longer so you can end up spending less.  This year I am spending more on less and hopefully everything we buy lasts us the intended season.  Our dollar is truly how we vote and I want to vote with intention while also supporting companies who share the same ethical code. 

 Nico Nico has been one of my favorite kid's brands since Wallace was a baby and this season I was super excited to find corduroy jumpsuits for both of us.  I adore dressing up like my son (and though he won't admit it, I think he digs it too) and these jumpsuits are the perfect staple for cooler weather.  Our family took a trip to Lake Arrowhead for New Year's and both of us put this jumpsuit to good use. 

Good news!  The kid's jumpsuit is now on sale!

Summer Lounge Essentials

Since I spend so many hours working from home, it's essential for me to have a solid line-up of cozy items.  Typically I stay in pajamas, a robe and heavily-lined slippers but now that it's summer, it is time for me to swap out my winter lounge goods for some lighter-weight items.  

Robe | If you aren't already familiar with the offerings from Oddbird Co. I recommend grabbing some coffee and spending time sifting through their entire site.  The creator Ceren has the best eye and has curated a thoughtful shop of Turkish Textiles.  I picked up this robe, which if the perfect weight for summer.  This robe is also so cute, I feel confident wearing it outside to walk my dogs because it can totally be mistaken for a duster.  It's my absolute favorite thing to throw on in the morning and if you're in the market for s lightweight summer robe, this is exactly what you're looking for.  

Panties | On really warm days, when I don't want to wear any clothing, you will find me wearing my matching set from Pansy.  This company sets the bar for organic undergarments and they made everything locally in California.  All of their products are made with organic cotton which breathes very well and is ideal for warmer months.  Additionally, their undergarments are very sturdy so I don't feel like I am just wearing panties.  They almost feel like a two-piece body suit which feels totally appropriate to wear solo on those 100 degree days.  I picked out the high-rise bottoms and the bra both is mauve, and they have been in my rotation ever since.  

Slippers | We live in a house with wood floors, two dogs, a toddler, and at least one construction project in progress at any moment, so slippers are a must.  My normal slippers have a thick lining so when I found the Summer Slipper by Mahabis, I had to try.  This company is brilliant and makes slippers that can be easily converted to casual shoes with a plastic sole that snaps on.  These slippers had made my life easier I am constantly doing small tasks just outside the house.  They also make slippers for kids and I can't wait until I can get Wally a matching pair (because we all know how much I like to match my son).   Mahabis is offering a 15% discount to all of my readers with the code IGXjamie so pop over and take advantage of this great deal.